A day drivin’ through town and life

//A day drivin’ through town and life

A day drivin’ through town and life

a-day-drivin-through-town-and-life1So ya go through and live your life and at some point things come around again. I have two pictures that happened to catch my attention as I was zoomin’ through town today. The first one was on a bus stop poster. It is of Red Nose Day comin’ up May 21st on NBC. It’s a great fund raiser to help great causes in the world. “Entertainment for Change” if you will. (Made that up myself!)… Anyway we’re going to have our own internet commercial out, we did the video and music for it and the song we wrote is being mulled around by advertising execs, on how they may want to use the song. Regardless we have our version as well. So that was a few weeks ago, an now I see it being advertised, which makes the event all the more real as I had never heard of it before. SoooOOoOo photo #1 with Red Nose in the background as I stopped by the bus stop for a selfie!

a-day-drivin-through-town-and-life2Photo #2 “Aquarius” (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3768572/) a new series coming out…. I have a small affiliation with through ‘life’s events, and so I stopped to mark the coincidence. When I first moved to Los Angeles in the ’70’s I was asked to join a band named “Desert Sun”. Good name and great band. Though the band was unknown and pretty much stayed that way, one of the members Brook Posten just had that “presence” about him that made me ask, “Brook, what happened in your life that makes you seem so famous?!”… A slight pause as he says, “I was a member of the Manson Family”…….. “WHAAAAT!?” And so it was. A few members tried to get out while all the horror was going on and they testified against Manson, being told by Charles, “When I get out you’re dead”… That said, Brooks had nothing to do with any horrible doings, is a wonderful man and talented artist. And to say wrong place, wrong time, wrong crowd is an understatement. He had a knack for it as later he met up with Jim Jones, he decided not to take the trip or Kool Aid. Brook had some great stories, funny and intense as well. www.cielodrive.com/brooks-poston.php to see and read more of Brook. I hope to meet up with him again one day. Years ago he found me (like everything else) on the internet just to catch up a little, say “hi” and that they (He and Jane Boltinghouse – also in the “Desert Sun” and phenomenal singer) were doing well. A big warm ‘Hello” if you both are reading this, be well and stay there!”

Okay, the bus of life is pulling out and this is my stop. Have a good night, I’ve got a little more recording to do, we’ll talk more later!/Don

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