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Red Nose Day Video

Our comedic contribution to the Red Nose Benefit Foundation. A lot of fun. I played all the instruments you hear. Song by Renee and myself. Wonderful lyrics by Renee Carly and fantastically sung by Freddy Lopez. I used the NS/Stick for the recording but for the video I picked up the Chapman Stick, or should […]

A day drivin’ through town and life

So ya go through and live your life and at some point things come around again. I have two pictures that happened to catch my attention as I was zoomin’ through town today. The first one was on a bus stop poster. It is of Red Nose Day comin’ up May 21st on NBC. It’s […]

On The Road Dating

Now we we’re on tour as I flew in to Detroit to stay for a couple days. At the end of those couple days we are informed we will have a 4 1/2 hour drive to get us to the next gig at Torch Lake. We figure we’ll leave in the late morning and get […]

What’s old is new (as a plug-in)

This is me! Back in the day. I loved all those pedals. They were the latest and greatest. I had this pedal board made for me by Paul Rivera. Yes, same guy that makes the Rivera Amps. He used to make customized pedal boards for all the whose who, and… me too. It also came […]

Apparently Pastries and Ouzo don’t mix

This was an after gig party in the promoters hotel room. A back east trip passing through Pittsburgh, Pa. So I’m in the corner near the ‘cannoli’s’ and this gentleman after MANY an Ouzo drink tries to hold a conversation. He slurs, “Well Don, how do you like Cleveland?”. And so I said, “Ya know, […]

Frankie and Annette

One time Frankie Avalon and the band did a gig and stayed at ‘one’ of this guys 3 mansions. And… I mean real deal Scooby Doo mansions. Rooms galore, a house staff to cook or get you anything you need. It was in upstate New York and had its own game reserve and lake on […]