Red Nose Day Video

red-nose-day-video_webOur comedic contribution to the Red Nose Benefit Foundation.

A lot of fun. I played all the instruments you hear. Song by Renee and myself. Wonderful lyrics by Renee Carly and fantastically sung by Freddy Lopez.

I used the NS/Stick for the recording but for the video I picked up the Chapman Stick, or should I say “Shtick!” As I played like a clarinet. Lol. All guitar and bass sounds are the NS/Stick.

Have a look and laugh at us Zany characters! Wait for the end credits to find out more info.


Sky Is Falling (Rocket Scientists LIVE)

One of my favorite songs we play live. Lovely tune and (of course) from my point of view a beautiful
bass line to listen to. I remember this concert. It was at “3 Rivers Progfest (in Pittsburgh, PA on August 23, 2008. Mark McCrite – guitar, vocals, Erik Norlander – keyboards, Don Schiff – NS/Stick with special guests Chris Quirarte – drums and Jim Williams – guitar.)
Very nice concert, fun crowd and venue. AND the food “fabulous”. That makes my day when ya pull up to the concert venue and the green room has lots of good things to eat… all day! One time I was asked what I wanted on the ‘rider’ for food for every concert venue. I put “Milk”… I’m wild that way, a real party animal.



Oh this is nice. According to Break-Out magazine we (Rocket Scientsts) “Refuel” is the #1 import Cd in Germany.

Now we just need to stamp some “postage” on our foreheads to import us over their! “Weiner Schnitzel” here I come.

Leave a comment and Schnitzel recipe. LOL


New website

We know … you look every day on the website. We’re on it … trust us and it will be goooooood!

Don and his team 😉
P.S.: in the meantime … get some coffee and a donut