Performed, written and/or recorded with the following Artists

Elvis Presley
Tina Turner
Elvin Bishop
Lance Matthew
Tully Winfield
Pat Benatar
Nia Peeples
Pam Tillis
Perry Como
Sheryl Crow
Dwight Yoakam
Raquel Welch
Frankie Avalon
Lana Lane
Bobby Vinton
Herbie Hancock
Rocket Scientists
Ryo Okumoto (Spock’s Beard)
Doug Scarratt – (Saxon)
Gloria Loring
Roslyn Kind
Ike Turner
Al Green
The Diamonds
The Lettermen
The 5th Dimensions
Peggy Lee
Ben Vereen
Jerry Lewis
Bobby Rydell
Frankie Avalon
Cliff Morrison
John Davidson
The Guild (Tv show)
Buddy Morrow
Dave Schiff
Warren Covington
Shirley MacLaine
John Baker(MarsHollow)
Desert Sun
Lou Christy
Patrick Sheane Duncan
Arjen Anthony Lucassen
The Muppets
Long John Baldry
Connie Stevens
Erik Norlander
Chuck Berry
Kerri Anderson
Sammy Davis
Les Brown
Warren Covington
Bob Hope
Mills Brothers
J.D. Sumner
Eddie Fisher
Michelle Sell
Greg Ellis
Neil Citron
Vinny Appice
Michael Sadler (Saga)
Phil Brown (Little Feat)
Myron Floren
Myron Cohen
Eddie Money
Marilyn McCoo
Billy Davis Jr.
Jim Stafford
Ella Fitzgerald
Mitch Perry (Edgar Winter)
Joan Rivers
Petula Clark
James Jordan
Jeff Morrow
The Sweet Inspirations
Vaughn Monroe
The Nicholas Brothers
Vickie Carr
Paul Stanley (KISS)
Greg Bissonette
John Payne (Asia)
Lisa LaRue (2KX)
Stevie Wonder


Under construction

Andy Kinch – Can’t Get Over You

Lexi Ulmer – Lexi Ulmer
Lana Lane – El Dorado Hotel
Tim Lynk – Kracked Earth
Land of Enchantment – (film in production)
The Promise (2012 Processional Remix)
Lexi Ulmer – Lexi Ulmer
Gabe Rosato – (Don Gehman producer)

Mike P/Stone Capone – Bump My Hits
Carrie Graham – Notes From the Nut Hatch
Schiff Brothers – Express
The Guild (TV series)
Road Trip! (26 July 2011) – theme music
Downturn (6 September 2011) – composer (theme music) 

At Home for Christmas II – Sonata for Snowflakes

The Guild (TV series)
Epic Guilt (13 July 2010) – theme music
Strange Allies (20 July 2010) – theme music
Supportiv’d (3 August 2010) – theme music
Moving On (10 August 2010) – theme music
Loot Envy (17 August 2010) – theme music
Weird Respawn (24 August 2010) – theme music
Awkward Birthday (31 August 2010) – theme music
Busted (7 September 2010) – theme music
Pirate Paddy (14 September 2010) – theme music
Festival of the Sea (21 September 2010) – theme music
Hostile Takeovers (28 September 2010) – theme music
Guild Hall (5 October 2010) – theme music 

The Guild (TV series) 
Blow Out! (6 January 2009) – composer (theme music)
Grouping Up (27 January 2009) – composer (theme music) , Composer
Socializing Sucks (3 February 2009) – Composer
Collision Course (10 February 2009) – Composer
Fight! (17 February 2009) – Composer
Anarchy! (8 September 2009) – composer (theme music)
Player Down (15 September 2009) – composer (theme music)
Get It Back! (22 September 2009) – composer (theme music)
Application’d (29 September 2009) – composer (theme music) , Composer
Newbtastic (6 October 2009) – composer (theme music)
Coping and Stuff (13 October 2009) – theme music
+10 to Bravery (20 October 2009) – composer (theme music)
Wit’s End (3 November 2009) – composer (theme music)
The Return! (10 November 2009) – composer (theme music)
Battle Royale (17 November 2009) – theme music
Hero (24 November 2009) – composer (theme music)

The Guild (TV series) 
Total Wipe (24 January 2008) – Composer
Home Invasion (21 February 2008) – Composer
Tipping Point (20 March 2008) – Composer
Link the Loot (25 November 2008) – Composer
Block’d (2 December 2008) – Composer
Quest Accepted! (9 December 2008) – Composer
Heroic Encounter (23 December 2008) – Composer
Sacking Up (30 December 2008) – Composer 

Libretto – Valenteano & Daniel Stelter feat. Don Schiff

“The Guild” (TV series )
Zaboo’d (14 August 2007) – Composer
The Macro Problem (7 September 2007) – Composer
Cheesybeards (1 November 2007) – Composer
Rather Be Raiding (1 December 2007) – Composer

Don Schiff – Peering Over Clouds
Irene Orleansky – Live The Music

Lana Lane “Return to Japan”
“Storybook: Tales from Europe and Japan DVD Both CD’s

Lane and Erik Norlander European Tour 2003 Souvenir CDErik Norlander Music Machine
Lance Matthew
Lana Lane Winter Sessions

Lana Lane – Project Shangri-La
Lana Lane – Garden of the Moon Special Edition
Lana Lane – Curious Goods Special Edition NS/Stick
Dena Risha- Falling from the Poet Tree NS/Stick
Don Schiff- Wait by the River NS/Stick solo CD
Stacia Hush NS/Stick

Greg Ellis Kala Rupa NS/Stick
Lana Lane Lana Lane & Erik Norlander
European Tour 2001 Souvenir CD NS/Stick, Chapman Stick

Lana Lane-  Love is an Illusion Special Edition
Lana Lana –  Ballad Collection Special Edition NS/Stick, Chapman Stick
Think Tank Media Think Tank Media Sampler I
Think Tank Media Sampler II NS/Stick, Chapman Stick, Bass

Lana Lane – Queen of the Ocean
Lana Lane – The Best of Lana Lane 1995-1999
Lana Lane -Echoes from the Ocean
Rocket Scientists – Oblivion Days
Don Schiff – Timeless
Don Schiff – Stick Night ’99Stick Night ’99 CD
Don Schiff – Stick Night ’99 VHS

Neil Citron – Guitar Dreams
Harpestry – Michelle Sell
Cliff Morrison – Cliff Morrison and the Lizard Sons
Rocket Scientists – Earth Below and Sky Above
Lana Lane – Live in Japan
Lana Lane – Ballad Collection I
Lana Lane – Echoes from the Garden
Tappestry II

Lana Lane – Garden of the Moon
Erik Norlander – Threshold
Tappestry I

Lance Matthew – Carousel
Lance Matthew -Eyes of Wise
Rocket Scientists – Brutal Architecture Chapman Stick

Lana Lane – Love is an Illusion
Lance Matthew – While the Giant Sleeps
Eddie Money – Love and Money

Michelle Sell –  Secret Harbor

Rocket Scientists –  Earthbound

Kerri Anderson – Labyrinth
Eddie Money – Unplug It In
“The Pornographer” aka “Family Values”
“Live from Death Row” 1992
Songs and film score by Don Schiff (Chapman Stick) and Winfield, and actor (crazy fan).

Eddie Money – Right Here
Nia Peeples – Nia Peeples
“The Pornographer” aka “Family Values”
“Live from Death Row” 1992
Songs and film score by Don Schiff (Chapman Stick) and Winfield, and actor (crazy fan).

“84 Charlie Mopic”
Chapman Stick (on logo), actor (guy painting rocks white).
“The Comeback” 1989 TV Movie
Co-wrote “Talk Talk” Winfield and Schiff (Chapman Stick)

Pat Benatar- “Wide Awake in Dreamland”

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