Frankie and Annette

//Frankie and Annette

Frankie and Annette

Frankie and AnnetteOne time Frankie Avalon and the band did a gig and stayed at ‘one’ of this guys 3 mansions. And… I mean real deal Scooby Doo mansions. Rooms galore, a house staff to cook or get you anything you need. It was in upstate New York and had its own game reserve and lake on the property. I stayed up for two days havin’ such fun. Short story, we all went fishing that next day complete with ‘fishing guide’ to outfit us, drive the boat, cast for you if you wanted! Any way their was Frankie fishing, sitting in the boat with a net in one hand. One of the guys yells out, “Hey, theirs Frankie and Annette (a net)!
“Clever and funny”. A good day and… we caught FISH!

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