Have ya ever slept on a park bench!?!?

//Have ya ever slept on a park bench!?!?

Have ya ever slept on a park bench!?!?

Me either until now. Took Sophie for a walk at the Woodland Hills Park. Large, wilderness area with (snakes, coyotes, bob cats) and a nice park area with grass and benches too. We had a good hike (it goes up 1274 ft. above sea level) and then I got tired, had thoughts of New York during the Great Depression with pictures of people sleeping on benches with news paper blankets (Hoover Blankets). The weather today was about 80 so no news paper needed and I thought, hmmmm wonder how comfortable that is. Oddly enough comfortable enough, I fell asleep. Woke up to a “Sophie Kiss” (Good and slurpy as usual). I think she was hopin’ if awakened by a kiss I’d turn into a bowl that good dog food with gravy and chunks of real beef stew. Nope, still me!

So, have ya every slept on a park bench? If so how was it? A good rest and how long! Any funny dreams. Did you awake with your wallet!? (Sophie kept good watch!)

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