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I started to play the stick in 19XX

In my lessons you will learn all the different Chapman Stick and NS/Stick techniques such as:

  • Tapping
  • Plucking
  • Picking
  • Slide style
  • Chord-shaping

As well as how to get a great tone with each technique.

From there you will learn how to apply the varies techniques and styles and incorporate them seamlessly into your own playing moving from one technique to another such as, tap to pluck, tap to slide, etc,.

You will also learn how to tune the instrument so that it holds pitch even with putting brand new strings on. How to make adjustments for the truss rod and height adjustments from bridge to end of neck.

Finger stretch exercises will be given to improve the hands flexibility as well as the fingers. Coordination is a must with the Stick style of playing with two handed tapping. We will use chords against bass lines, soloing, arranging and writing songs into the lessons to facilitate each hands independence.

I promise: You will be playing from lesson #1!

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