Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day

So today (and as a lot lately as I’ve said) I went to Malibu again. This time with Cynthia on Mother’s Day and Sophie the dog, to just relax. A great time, Sophie likes to play “Half Fetch”… I throw anything, she runs full throttle after it, to it, then turns back full throttle without the object. Fortunately there is plenty of stuff to throw for her under foot.

The extra bonus today was Sophie wanting to go into the this alcove area that takes you out of sight and into the cliff. Malibu beaches are off a cliff so there are fun tucked away areas (come to find out, thank you Sophie) right up the beach. So I follow her into what I can only imagine, is a “Surfers Club Hang out”… I’m imagining “Kids Today” somehow getting this Tiki Toga Log” down the cliff and into this area and saying, “Hey this is perfect for our hang out, it could be our Mascot and Mojo for good surfin’ dude!”, answered by “Righteous Man, alright Dude!” while puffin’ those funny cigarettes.

So for good Mojo in life, I took a photo with Tiki Log Man.



I looked for Frankie and Annette but really, different era.  For those in the know, perhaps Eric Von Zipper and the gang hung out there at one time.

MV5BMjA0MzE3ODA5NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwOTIwMjUxMQ@@._V1_SX214_AL_imagesFrankie and Annette

imgresEric Von Zipper


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