Nice news for the day

//Nice news for the day

Nice news for the day

G LGloria Loring known for playing Liz Chandler on Days of Our Lives and having several albums released sent the rough mix of a song we wrote together. She sounds fantastic and her production is coming together nicely. She is quite the perfectionist and said, “I won’t stop until the song is ‘all it can be’. And… so I wait anxiously for her and her producer to finish backing tracks and vocals.
I like writing songs, they take on a life of their own. The funny part is when I get my royalty checks (and some have been a whopping 35 cents) ya get to see what countries the tunes play in around the world. “For only 35 cents! – These tunes go on better vacations then I do!!”
I also look forward for Tully Winfield and I to get our new tunes out to market. Maybe we could take our families on vacation with them!

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