On The Road Dating

//On The Road Dating

On The Road Dating

Now we we’re on tour as I flew in to Detroit to stay for a couple days. At the end of those couple days we are informed we will have a 4 1/2 hour drive to get us to the next gig at Torch Lake. We figure we’ll leave in the late morning and get there just in time before daylight ends. A good call, considering none of us has ever seen this place, plus snow and the possible “getting lost” factor – it just made good sense to get an early start…

We all had a nice “partying evening” when I decided to turn in for the night and get a good rest for the long “sit” in the car the next morning. Nice car mind you… “FULLY loaded, leather seats, Cadillac jeep of some sort… comfy but nonetheless, a long time to just “sit.”

SOOoooooOOoooo long about 5 AM, I notice as I’m awoken, AND….. that I have a “Date” in bed with me…”Ahhhhhhhhhh” and “Oh no!” I say to myself… I’ve somehow gotten in bed with and dated one of the “Rhea” sisters. Now this isn’t good…I’ve got a LONG drive ahead and here I am in bed with one of the Rhea sisters. As I know it, there are three sisters, we’ve all dated one of them at some point in our lives, as they’re affectionately known as Dia, Pia and Gona…my date that evening – yes, the prettiest yet most harmless but non the less brutal of the sisters, “Dia”….yes, Diarrhea.

OY VAY!!!!! She was ready to rock as I hurried to the bathroom… For the first round I just “hung on to the toilet seat rim” and blasted away for a good ten minutes. Whew, she was talkative, “Okay, back to bed for a little rest, with luck she’s happy and tired too.” So I pull the covers over, get comfy and put my head down… When….I got that feelin’….Ahhh! She wants to dance again. So I hurry and scurry to the bathroom I murmur, “C’mon” be gentle I’ve got a five hour drive I don’t have time to play….”

Well, I wish the toilet seat had a seat belt…Whoa can she dance! I’m weak, tired and concerned now about the “Fully loaded car with leather seats under my fully loaded butt!” what a time for us to not have the tour bus. Well, we danced the Twist, the Watusi and Cha-cha-cha until she decided she had had a nice enough time as she faded from the evening. I thanked her for her consideration for my plight of a long drive and bid her a “Farewell” as I headed for a nice hot shower and a breakfast of “Kaopectate.” The car ride was “Cautious” but “uneventful.” Kapopectate, I salute you!”

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