Sweet Dreams Tour through the 1970’s

//Sweet Dreams Tour through the 1970’s

Sweet Dreams Tour through the 1970’s

IMG_1454“Ya know it seems like just the other day I drove around in a ’76 AMC Pacer with my wife and dog Petey. Then again I had brown hair back then (of course I dye it white now).

We put a lot of miles on that car as I’d take my family on tour in it. Lovely drives through the beautiful desert -Los Angeles to Las Vegas.

Then we had three blowouts in it! Tires just blew out, good times. After that Pete hated long trips and would constantly pant LOUDLY and pace in the back seat. This would in turn drive my lovely wife crazy, which would in turn make my 4 1/2 hour trip feel like 12 hours, between his panting, dog breath smell and her irritability, fun had left the building. SO, when tour time came around again I drugged ’em both. Doggie downers for him and people relaxers for her and they’ed sleep soundly the whole way. Ah, peaceful lovely drives through the scenic desert once again. Those 70’s where a unique time. Lol.

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